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Tampa is a city in the United States in the state of Florida. With a population of approximately 336,000, Tampa is the third largest city in Florida and is located directly at the mouth of the Hillsborough River. In the south, the city protrudes as a peninsula into Tampa Bay, which is close to the Gulf of Mexico. The city is considered the fifth most popular city in the United States where many people want to live. The cities of Saint Petersburg and Clearwater also belong to the greater Tampa area and the entire region is a popular holiday area.

City of Tampa history

The first Spanish explorers arrived here in the 1520 years and met the Indian inhabitants of the Tocobaga tribe in their settlements. In 1824, the U.S. Army established an outpost at the mouth of the Hillsborough River. The first residents were predominantly pioneers who sought protection from the indigenous people living nearby. It wasn’t until the 1880s that Tampa began building the railroad and discovering phosphate. The cigar industry also started.

Activities in Tampa

The Tampa Bay Area with its fine, white sandy beaches invite you to relax and surf and a low surf guarantees a pleasant stay. Cultural events such as the Tampa Theater and the Florida Orchestra also offer many highlights. From Florida it is also possible to take a cruise to the Caribbean and from the Port of Tampa this is possible.

Tampa Paradise for retirees

Tampa in Florida is particularly popular with retirees and is also known as the retirees’ paradise in the United States. The reason is the warm climate all year round and especially over the months over the winter many wealthy Americans come to Tampa from the north of the USA to spend the winter there. Meanwhile, more and more Germans are there who like the climate. Those who can afford it own a holiday home there and spend a few months in winter. The rest of the season is then rented out to tourists at an attractive price.

before visit a public place you should wear a mask (fabric mask, KN95 mask ) is recommended.

The Tampa international airport

The metropolis has a very large airport and it is one of the largest in Florida. This is called Tampa International Airport, but there are no direct flights from Germany to this airport. It is best if you fly with an American airline to a hub and continue from there. However, there are direct flights to Tampa from Zurich and London. It is also practical to take over a rental car that you can bring back at the airport. The structure is very clear and there is also a free people mover with which you can move around as a passenger

Amusement park Busch Gardens Tampa

The amusement park, opened in 1959, offers a large number of roller coasters, water rides and rides on an area of ?? 1.4 square kilometers. However, the main theme of the park is “Africa”, where animals from this continent have found their home. In some areas of the park, rainforest landscapes and savannas have been created, which together with the animals offer visitors a unique atmosphere. A visit is highly recommended for families with children and they will surely be delighted. It is best to buy tickets in advance as they are cheaper than reading on site

Florida Aquarium

One of Tampa’s special attractions is the Florida Aquarium, which is divided into eight different areas. Here the visitor can experience otters, alligators and turtles as well as free-flying birds. In the “Wetlands” department, the mangrove swamps of Florida were replicated and so the flora and fauna can be experienced. Dive shows are regularly held in the “Sea Hunt” zone, where predatory fish such as sharks and other animals have found their home. Especially for small visitors a shallow water pool has been created, can be stroked in the tame water dwellers

Climate and weather in Tampa

In Tampa there is a tropical climate with very high humidity and the temperatures are between 21 and 32 degrees Celsius in the months of May to October. These are also the warm months and it gets a bit cooler over the winter months and this is also the best time to travel. Furthermore, it doesn’t rain as often anymore and it’s dry. Perfect for a beach holiday or to play golf. Many renters from the north of the USA spend the winter in Tampa because the climate is very pleasant there. These people are called there Snowbirds and most have wealthy Americans there a holiday home

Ybor City

The historic borough of Ybor City has been in existence for over a century and has a turbulent past. This district was originally founded by the Spanish cigar manufacturer Vicente Martinez Ybor, who had quarters built here for his workers. In the past few years, this district was threatened with disintegration. However, this was prevented by new construction measures and today around 3,000 people are living here again, who are committed to preserving this historic district. Ybor City is not only one of the most important sights of Tampa, but the district, which is influenced by Latin American influences with its authentic art galleries, shops and cafes, has a special charm.


Tampa bay skyline

Tampa of course offers a lot of sights for the visitors and it will certainly not be boring if you look at this city. The highlights are definitely the amusement park Busch Gardens, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Theater, Bayshore Boulevard, Florida Aquarium, Ybor City and much more. It is best to find out what you want to see beforehand. It is ideal if you have a rental car so that you can go anywhere you want. The tourist office you can brochures and a map

Shopping in Tampa

As in every American city, Tampa also has very large shopping malls where you can shop cheaply. The prices in the shops are often significantly cheaper than, for example, Many tourists therefore fly to Florida with empty suitcases and fill them there. Large malls are Westfield Citrus Park, Channelside Bay Plaza, Hyde Park Village and Centro Ybor is also interesting. Unfortunately there is no outlet in Tampa and the closest one is Ellenton Outlet which can be reached in 45 minutes by rental car. There, you can always find a bargain by many famous brand manufacturers

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