Used bed: our advice before buying in Craigslist UK

Double bed, single bed, convertible bed… The choice of bedding is essential for quality sleep. For this, it is not mandatory to put a very high price. To avoid going over budget, why not think about buying a second-hand bed  ? What should I check before buying? What should you know about making a bed? For more details on these questions, this guide presents all the advantages of choosing second-hand bedding!


Buying second-hand means accessing a multitude of development possibilities. Second-hand table, second-hand sofa, second-hand wardrobe and bed are examples of furniture that can be found on the Isidore second- hand online shopping platform.

The concept is simple: to offer a selection of empty apartments in which it is possible to find a used piece of furniture or several! So why choose a second-hand bed now? The advantages are numerous:

  • Find a quality bed, at a lower cost,
  • To be able to customize it according to your tastes,
  • For the environment by limiting the production of additional waste.

Finally, opting for a second-hand bed makes it possible to combine quality furniture at a low price and responsible consumption. On the other hand, it is still necessary to carry out some checks before a second-hand purchase.


When buying a second-hand bed, a second-hand chair or a second-hand sofa, the stakes are the same, you have to take care to choose the right one. These are pieces of furniture that have to be used on a daily basis: they must, therefore, be comfortable, withstand the test of time, and correspond to the aestheticism of its interior.

When selecting a second-hand bed, you must therefore ensure:

  • To the dimension: It is essential to ask the seller for the dimensions of the bed. Indeed, some second-hand beds do not necessarily correspond to standard dimensions, in particular those of the Ikea brand. This can, therefore, pose a problem regarding the choice of household linen but also for its location in the room. In addition, knowing the size of a bed is also necessary for its delivery to the bedroom. It is quite common to find yourself stuck in front of a too narrow entrance, especially for beds that are difficult to remove.
  • At the selling price: The selling price of used furniture is significantly lower than its original price. Thus, Isidore offers The Calculator. This online tool determines if it is a good deal by indicating the average purchase price of the furniture in question thanks to the various criteria entered. Among them, it is requested to indicate the type of furniture, the age of the furniture, its purchase price but also to note its general condition.


Zero waste has a cost and it is for this reason that it is not always easy to practice it: bulk purchase, markets, local shops for example. However, certain actions are accessible to everyone , on a daily basis: recycling glass, limiting plastic consumption or even opting for second-hand furniture!

Why does buying a used bed contribute to responsible consumption? A bed is made up of different elements. Thus, it is necessary to mobilize many raw materials for its manufacture. For the production of a bed, it is necessary to count on average:

  • 172 kg for a box spring,
  • 358 kg for a bed frame,
  • 369 kg for a foam mattress,
  • 398 kg, for a spring mattress.

It should be noted that a large part of this waste ends up in the ocean, including the ecological impact for the marine world. Reusing furniture is therefore an action that reduces this effect and preserves nature.

On the budget side, buying a second-hand bed is also an advantageous strategy for your wallet. New, a bed costs on average 715 euros. On resale, used furniture loses its value. For a second-hand bed, it takes 210 euros. The second hand purchase therefore turns out to be an excellent deal! In addition, many brands are available ranging from the IKEA brand to Roche Bobois. Second-hand buying is therefore accessible to all budgets. Indeed, it is not uncommon to get your hands on furniture from major brands at very attractive prices.

Selling a bed: 3 tips to get there quickly!

Selling a bed is not always easy. So-called “textile” furniture is not necessarily the easiest to resell, but there are good practices to adopt to put the odds on your side to resell your single divan beds ! Discover our 3 tips to help you instead of leaving it on the sidewalk!

1. Resell your bedding: find the right price!

Before putting your bed on sale, keep in mind that the price of this type of furniture depends a lot on maintenance and the date of purchase. A mattress purchased more than two years ago will not have the same value as a more recently purchased one.

To resell the mattress on your bed, don’t be too greedy when determining the price. Keep in mind that the basic resale price for this type of property is -50% of the purchase price.

2. To sell it, make people think about it!

One of the keys to maximizing your chances of resale is to put the room in context to showcase the furniture. A bedroom is a place to feel good. Have you worked on the decoration? Show it off when taking a picture of your bedroom to showcase your bed. This will also reassure the potential buyer on the maintenance of your furniture!

Small tips:

  • turn on the lights in your room when taking the photos,
  • remember to put a photo with a duvet cover, pillows, a small bedside lamp also for a cocooning interior!
  • Indicate all the information you have concerning your bed: the brand, the dimensions, the reasons for the sale,

Always put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers to make them want to buy but also think about reassuring them! Les Cartons has prepared a great ad guide for you to have everything you need to take professional photos!

3. Help buyers transport their purchases

One of the other blocking factors, when people look to buy a bed, is transportation! So why not help them find a transport solution? Or include the price of transport in the price? You don’t know how much it costs? For all people in Ile de France, we offer you a transport price estimator (for Ile de France) produced with our partner.

Furnishing your room with trendy and inexpensive furniture is very easy today. In addition, it allows us to work for the protection of the planet, while making savings. Buying second-hand furniture is a responsible consumption approach that has already been adopted by many consumers. It’s never too late to consume better!

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